Several ways to give to "The Next Chapter"

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There are many ways you can support "The Next Chapter," our campaign to build a new, larger, more easily-accessible Waverly library.

1) Cash:  Cash is the easiest way to give.  You may make your gift by mailing a check payable to "The Garnet A. Wilson Public Library Capital Campaign," 207 N. Market St., Waverly, OH 45690.

2) Credit Card:  You can also give with your credit card.  Visit to use your credit card on our secure site.  You can even make a gift that will be repeated according to the schedule you choose.  In most cases, you will receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of your gift.  Be sure to check with your financial advisor.

3) Matching Gifts:  Some companies match charitable gifts made by their employees.  This is an excellent opportunity to double or triple your gift.  Check with your company's human resource department for more information.  You can also search to see if your employer matches charitable gifts at

4) Securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds):  A gift of securities may have a three-way benefit:  a gift for the Garnet A. Wilson Public Library, a charitable tax deduction for you, and, possibly, favorable tax treatment for capital gains on long-term holdings.  Contact us and we'll tell you how!

5) Life Insurance:  If you have a life insurance policy that your family no longer needs, you can make the library the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a whole paid-up life insurance policy.  This, too, can yield a tax benefit based upon the current cash value of the policy.

For more information about any of these options, call Jennifer Wright, Capital Campaign Manager, at (740) 947-4921, or email

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